Yards After Catch and what it can tell you about the receiving hierarchy in the league

There are a ton of statistics for NFL players that go well beyond the typical summary level statistics such as yards from scrimmage, touchdown total, and receiving total. For each position there are some advanced metrics that can tell a lot about a players ability that the normal stats simply ignore. For an NFL receiver, if you follow the sport, you probably know the name itself means they receiver or catch the pass from the QB. Each caught pass is a reception and the distance from the line of scrimmage (where the ball is at the beginning of the play)…

Taking a look at HackerNews posts

Online forums have been a great resource for sharing all kinds of information for a long time. Somewhat recently, different online forums such as Reddit have democratized what is interesting giving the masses the ability to rank or rate a post via the upvote/downvote options or something similar.

Y-Combinator Hacker News https://news.ycombinator.com/

But what makes a post interesting? Is there a formula to creating a “front page” post? What do these posts have in common? How can I find similar posts to those that I frequently read? How can I find a specific post that may be related to a topic of my interest?

Does the seemingly impassable political divide impact Senate cooperation?

Political discussion is something that seems to rear its ugly head wherever you look, whether it’s Facebook, Reddit, or your dinner table, someone has something to say and they often have an opinion on your opinion. But actual political discussion aside, it is an interesting topic to study from a data perspective. I don’t necessarily mean just the subject matter specifically, but the numbers and data around voting, demographics, and forecasting.

A short look into my chess.com data using Python

Within the last few months, I have rekindled my interest in chess using the convenient chess.com app on my phone. It’s been a fun experience getting to really understand the game and the nuance’s that most are probably not even aware of. …

Robert R.

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